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CloudCheckr for AWS monitoring & optimization

One of the major pain-points when working with Amazon’s various cloud offerings (AWS) is the lack of a comprehensive usage monitoring tool. The AWS management console surprisingly lacks this sort of functionality and hence a whole new industry has sprung up to provide support for AWS users to keep track of their cloud resource usage. I recently came across CloudCheckr which seems to be a major player in this space. The online monitoring tool provided by CloudCheckr is quite impressive and easy to use and therefore you don’t need to remember every nuance in the AWS console to find stuff such as resource utilization, costs incurred etc.

The setup for CloudCheckr is quite quick and easy. One major issue I was concerned about is how is CloudCheckr going to connect to my AWS account and fetch information? Wouldn’t it be a security issue? This problem is solved easily by creating a “read-only” user in AWS. This user cannot perform any modifications to my EC2 instance so the security concern is resolved 🙂

Once a CloudCheckr account is setup and connected to your AWS read-only user, you can start monitoring many things about your AWS services.  In my case I only have a EC2 instance (t1.mirco) running.

Note: CloudCheckr takes some time to fetch all necessary data from AWS initially, so you might not be able to start monitoring right away, give it some time to bake :))

The CloudCheckr account console provides all the important details about the AWS services you are utilizing in a very clean UI. You can find your way easily within the dashboard like UI.  The “Resource Utilization”  page provides some really nice summarized data about CPU utilization, Network utilization and EBS volume utilization of my EC2 instance  (in addition to  many other things)

But one my favorite features is the automated “Best Practices Engine” (screenshot below) which gives some great advice on how to effectively (and securely) use your AWS services and get more bang-for-buck!

So give CloudCheckr a go if you are serious about monitoring and optimizing your AWS services more easily and effectively.

Note: CloudCheckr wants AWS users to experience their monitoring tools, and have a coupon code to share: If you sign up using the code “cloud19” then CloudCheckr will extend your free trial of CloudCheckr Pro from two weeks to an entire month. (Thanks to MikeVasquez @CloudCheckr)



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