Management, Motivation and Presentations

I’ve been to many presentations on “management” topics like leadership and motivation in the tech industry. In almost all such presentations the speaker (usually a manager/executive) goes down the beaten track of using successful mostly western (ideally silicon valley) entrepreneurs as examples.

Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg are usually top of the list from the tech world. From the sports arena Jordan, Bannister, Palmer and Pistorius (now in a bit of trouble) are typical examples.

Now don’t get me wrong, these are some great stories of amazing individuals that pumps up the audience,  but somehow the most “pumped” I feel is in the rare situation where the speaker tells his or her own story in a compelling manner. In this case the story doesn’t have to be as epic as the ones of stars mentioned above.

For me “smaller” achievements coming from the actual person who did it has more “bang for buck”. I’ve been to a few such talks and felt much more inspired than the usual “Jobs” or “Gates” stories.

So if you want to inspire the people you lead try something different,  try telling your own stories of achievement and success. If you dig deep enough there is no doubt you will come up with something inspiring! I’m sure the audience will be satisfied too. 🙂


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