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Lesson in communication from Dropbox

Today I received probably the most short and clear email I have ever received from anyone. This was from a truly amazing product/company, Dropbox! I know they have the most smartest technical people working for them including BDFL himself. But having been a victim of long, confusing, terribly written emails from both technical and non-technical people, just reading through this mail was a breath of fresh air.

The email regarding the expiration of 48GB extra capacity I got when I purchased my phone answers all the questions I will ever have using the least set of words! (oops that sentence is too long….working on it :))

I’m posting the email I got from Dropbox here so that it reminds me to write better emails and perhaps be a better communicator overall.


Oh, by the way thank you Dropbox, for the extra 3GB “on the house” 🙂


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