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Wizdler a lightweight alternative to soapUI

Just came across an awesome Chrome extension to test SOAP Web Services (appropriately) called Wizdler. It’s really lightweight and comes in handy when you want to do a quick test of your web services specially during development. The simplicity of the UI really caught my attention, very intuitive and easy to use.

Once you enter your wsdl path in the address bar, Wizdler parses the wsdl contents (tounge twister alert!) and shows all available operations when you click the little icon at the end.


Clicking on an operation takes you to the request page where you fill in your request parameters for the web service (if any) and then simply click GO!


Of course it lacks many fancy features that soapUI offers, but you probably don’t need them all the time. The reason I looked for a Chrome extension was because I couldn’t seems to install soapUI on my Win7 box for some mysterious reason (problem with the 64-bit installer, me thinks).

‘Wizdler’ is no doubt a nifty little tool to test your SOAP web services on the fly with (almost?) “zero installations”!


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