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Mobile is to Desktops what Startups is to Enterprise

Something that caught my attention when trying to understand good Mobile UX was that many of it’s patterns can be applied to larger devices i.e. Desktops as well.

In other words if you start with a Mobile first UX approach you tend to remove the clutter and come up with a more “lean” UX that can be used on desktops as well.

But interestingly (or strangely) I see a similar relationship between how Startups are managed compared to larger enterprises.

Startups are managed in a very lean, less bureaucratic manner with a bias toward action. I think smaller organizational units (e.g. software project teams) within a large enterprise can also take a leaf out of the startup playbook.  This is similar to how Mobile forces a leaner UX design by removing “unnecessary” clutter.

Folks in the enterprise environment may call this Agile but I think having a “Startup mentality” at a large organization is going even more further by shedding as much clutter as possible and getting stuff done.

I guess SAP has already recognized this with it’s AppHaus concept.

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The PC will die long live the Mobile!

With all the predictions about the future of Mobile and the current proliferation of Smartphones, Tablets and other devices to come its mind blowing that software developers as well as software vendors are still not fully committed to a mobile first strategy when developing software be it for the consumer or the enterprise.

As a developer it’s really important to sharpen your saw with technologies pertaining to the Mobile ecosystem. This does not just involve the mobile device side of things such as Android, iOS (Objective C), HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, PhoneGap etc., but also the server-side of things such as REST APIs, mBaaS, Cloud etc.

This is a really interesting presentation on why a “Mobile First Strategy” should be on the minds of every software house/developer.